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A Fonni Story

Fonni is the highest town in Sardinia.  Beautiful setting.  There is even skiing nearby.  And if you enjoy art – particularly Trompe l’Oeil murals, this is a mini-paradise.  Dozens of murals decorate a wall around every corner as you wander the steep streets.  I highly recommend this as an stop for this reason alone.

As I arrived during off-season, I had but one choice for hotel.  It was nice, but I might have to question the knowledge of the staff – explanation ensues….

I planned to depart for the East coast on a Sunday.  I carefully asked the concierge if buses ran on Sunday and which stop I needed.  I arrived at the stop dutifully and waited, and waited,  Hmmm, 15 minutes past scheduled arrival time and no bus.  No biggie, this kind of thing is common here, right?  I took it in stride and waited for the next schedule bus – and the next – for a total of about 4 hours.  I asked every passerby if this was the correct stop and if buses ran today.  “Si” accompanied by a reassuring nod was always the reply :\

It seems that even though this is a dinky little town, it is situated on a slope not very conducive to walking around apparently.  So, seemingly the entire town decided to hop in their cars and “cruise”.  All day.  Fortunately for me, my bus stop was at a key intersection, so I got to know just about every face in town intimately after viewing the quizzical look displayed by each about 50 times.  The steady stream of exhaust was quite a pleasure as well.

I eventually gave up and checked back into my hotel.  The staff was stumped as to why the bus didn’t arrive.  The next morning after checkout, I decided to find a different place to buy a bus ticket and ask them about the schedule – surely they would know.  “Oh no, the buses don’t run on Sunday this time of year”.  No kidding.  After triple-checking the stop and time, I eventually caught a bus out of town…


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