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Quick Tour of Genova

Before leaving the Italian Riviera, I spent a little time in Genova to fill the gaps from a previous extremely short visit. .  I was once again very fortunate to meet up with my trusty tour guides Elena and Sylvia (& friends) for a couple of hours.  They even bought me a Granita (basically coarse-grained sorbet) to try – yum!  I also tried some delicious Focaccia al Formaggio (very thin bread with cheese in the center) and Tortino di Polenta (corn meal cakes).

Genova has a very large city center with beautiful architecture.  Some of the notable features of the city are Piazza De Ferrari and surrounding architecture (see photos in this article) as well as the house where Christopher Columbus was supposedly born.  The port is of course a very important part of the city and houses a large aquarium.  I didn’t find the port all that attractive because of so much commercialization, but there was some interesting architecture there as well.

On a completely unrelated note, I think I have seen some kind of shop or restaurant with “Colorado” in the name in nearly every city I’ve visited and Genova was no exception (see photo).  It is human nature to notice the things most familiar to you, but I think this is a bit more than that (I don’t recall seeing any signs with “Nebraska” (for e.g.) in the name after all ;))


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