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My Name is Not Lucca

Sorry for this title, but I can’t help but think about that Suzanne Vega song “Luka” from the 80’s 😉

My visit to Lucca was quite spontaneous.  It happened to be relatively close to where I was at the time and I had heard good things about it.  The old walled city is an easy walk right across from the train station.  The whole town is nestled in a nice little valley with surrounding Tuscan mountains.  I liked it instantly.  The city didn’t seem overly-touristy to me and it just had an air of good living.  There is a trail around the city – I’m guessing between 1 and 2 miles – that is always buzzing with joggers, walkers, and cyclists burning off all those Italian carbs 😉

I stayed at a nice affittacamera with a kitchen in the old city.  Kind of a whacky set-up, but nice.  The woman who ran the place lived half-way down the block and when you buzzed the front door, it rang at her house down the street.  Also when you wanted to use the Internet, she had some kind of switch to turn it off at her house and on at the apartment.  It worked for about 2 hours my first day but never again after that 😉

The main attraction for me in Lucca was the architecture.  Several beautiful church facades as well as many towers.  One tower there (Torre Guinigi) has trees growing on the top – quite unique – several of the photos in this article were taken from this tower.

Lucca is a good base camp for tours of the many surrounding Tuscan towns nearby.  I’m guessing it is also quieter and less expensive than nearby more famous towns as well.


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