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Situated at the base of several valleys, Bergamo is a great base for exploration.  The famous San Pellegrino terme is located one of these valleys.  The city is divided between a lower and upper (Citta Alta) town.  Citta Alta is walled and offers the most interesting architecture as well as some great views.

I was again fortunate to find a great B&B – B&B Amalfi ran by an extremely nice and fun couple.  They make a mean cappuccino – I had to have two every morning 😉  They also run an attached ristorante.  Pasquale is a great cook – everything from pizza to desserts.  He is originally from Ravello on the Amalfi coast, hence the name of the establishment.

I spent many hours just wandering around and shooting – especially in the Citta Alta.  I also took a couple of bus trips up the valleys – one to Lago d’Iseo and another to a town called Clusone.  The lake was pretty, but not especially noteworthy in my opinion.  Clusone had some interesting architecture and grand vistas.

While walking around Clusone, a man stopped to talk with me a bit and I asked him if he knew of any trails close by.  He said he did and offered to show me the way.  So I followed him up a path to a locked gate.  The path continued, so I said goodbye and turned to be on my way.  But he stopped me, entered his code, and directed me through the gate to what..a short cut?  I didn’t see the harm, so I followed him into a little courtyard in front of some sort of retirement home or institution.  Here he said were lots of beautiful things to take pictures of, bid me farewell, and disappeared into the building.  I took a couple of shots to humor him and quickly made back for the gate. One small problem –  I don’t have the code and can’t get out.  Ok, there must be other exits – yes one…two…both locked.  Great.  I’m in the Twilight Zone.  Then I see a car pulling up to the main gate and quickly squeezed through as the car entered – whew!  I wasn’t too keen on having to go in and explain that I needed to get out 🙂


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