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Italian Riviera Part II: Santa Margherita and Portofino

Santa Margherita Ligure was the base camp for the Riviera exploration and turned out to be my favorite town on the coast.  It just had a good feel – hard to put into words – not too small or large, a beautiful port – just right.  The weather was cooperative with only a few spotty showers here and there.

I know nearly nothing about sailing, but some of the boats here were really making me drool.  I see this in my future….:)

Hiking was great in the area.  There are plenty of nice trails to Portofino that offer great views.  The chosen path on this adventure had an unexpected surprise.  On the final descent into Portofino, another world emerged: it felt like a Costa Rican rainforest (although I’ve never been) rather than Italy.  There was also the ruins of an old milling settlement nestled in this area.  It was really transporting to be in such an isolated area and imagine how hard these people once worked here.

Portofino itself was smaller than I had envisioned for some reason.  For all its hype, I didn’t see that it was any more special than any other coastal town.  I’d say it’s the Aspen of the Riviera.  It was of course beautiful, but lessened somewhat by the ridiculously huge expensive yachts docked in its tiny port.


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