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Costa Verde

Costa Verde is everything I dreamed it would be. Mountain, sea, sand dunes, blooming foliage, and beautiful sunsets. I have totally lost track of time here.

I began my adventure when I arrived in Arbus by bus on Sunday afternoon. Everything was closed when I arrived, and I was anxious to begin hiking, so I set off not really sure what the night would hold in store for me. I ended up walking about 7 miles to the next town, Montevecchio where I found an agriturismo for the night.

Next day, I found my trail and headed for the coast. I arrived pretty exhausted about 8 hours and around 12 miles later to find that I now had to traverse the sand dunes I had been seeking (not so easy with a heavy pack). That complete, I thought surely the little resort here would have some food for me. I would be wrong. There were a couple of guys there getting ready for the upcoming season, but they weren’t open. Crackers and honey for dinner it is! I found a beautiful campsite, and although exhausted, was energized to take some photos of the beautiful surroundings.

Next morning I woke up feeling much better, but sure wasn’t looking forward to donning that pack. Loaded up and started heading North up the road to the next resort or town to get some food. I passed two more resort areas with the same results – nothing open. I finished the last of my food (luckily I still had water and had also filtered some for an emergency), and kept going. Luckily, the next town had one bar open. Scarfed one panini and ordered two more for the road. I think I walked a ridiculous 15-17 miles that day before I reached my goal.

I am writing tonight from a little town called Torre dei Corsini. I found a nice little apartment here overlooking the main piazza and the sea. The people are very nice and I even found an open supermercato! I managed to acquire a large blister after yesterday’s trek, so I’m hopeful to find transportation to the next city tomorrow (the buses don’t run here this time of year).

Despite the self-imposed hardships, I am absolutely loving this place – so beautiful and peaceful.

Whew, think I’m somewhat caught up on the blogs now – time for some shut-eye 😉



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