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Aeolian Wrap-up

Today was an easy-going kind of day. A good day. Went to bed early last night after taking another hike around Stromboli (a much tamer one this time). Got up late, grabbed a banana and the Grancereale (kind of a granola bar in cookie form) that I’ve become accustomed to. I’ve been working on a light breakfast, (mid-morning snack depending on activity), fairly big lunch, and light dinner routine. That has been working out nicely to distribute my energy throughout the day, not be to loaded down or sleepy for activity, and works well with the budget.

After breakfast, checked out, said arrivaderci to my restaurateur hosts and walked down to the port to wait for the boat to Vulcano. Vulcano, being closer to Sicily, is more touristed – although I highly recommend this time of year – not hot, fewer people. The only downside is many places aren’t open yet. However, even being a holiday (Italians and many other Europeans also celebrate Easter on Monday), I still was able to find everything I needed (except an open grocery store). The crater at Volcano is long dormant. It now just vents stinky sulfur fumes. The hike was relatively easy and around 2-3 hours round trip. For as easy as the hike is, the views are tremendous.

It’s amazing how different the local cultures are on each island. It may be because it’s the most remote of the islands, but Stromboli had a much warmer feel. Nearly everyone I passed there in my wanderings sent a nice, informal “ciao” my way.

Well, this concludes my Aeolian island adventure. Tomorrow it’s back to Sicily. I believe I’ll hit Taormina and then on to Cefalu.

Addio per ora..


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